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The Life Sentence

If I had to put the questions I am asked most frequently by my patients in order, near the top of the list would be this one..."If I start seeing a Chiropractor will I have to keep seeing one the rest of my life?"

I like to answer this question with a question.  Do you plan on seeing a dentist every year for the rest of your life?  Most people answer "yes".  Why is that?  Because the Dental field has done an excellent job of educating the public on the necessity of good, oral health and maintainance.  So we don't think twice about seeing our dentist once or twice a year.  Now, consider this...the dentist deals with the upper and lower jaw and their associated structures.  A chiropractor deals with the whole spine, from the top of the neck to the tailbone (and many chiropractors deal with most of the remaining joints as well).  That's quite a bit of difference in surface area. 

Using this analogy, if we think it is wise to see a dentist annually to maintain a healthy smile then YES, I think it is wise to visit a chiropractor annually or regularly, for the rest of your life, to maintain a healthy spine and skeleton.

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Dr. Parsons has had success in treating the following ailments:
  • Spinal Pain - From the Neck to the Low Back.
  • Upper Extremity Pain - From the Shoulder to the Wrist.
  • Lower Extremity Pain - From the Hip to the Ankle.
  • Headaches - from Sinus to Migraines.

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